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Astronaut Star Galaxy Projector Light

Astronaut Star Galaxy Projector Light

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Introducing the Astronaut Star Galaxy Projector Light, an innovative and mesmerizing home accessory that instantly transforms any room into a breathtaking celestial experience. This state-of-the-art projector light boasts an array of features and benefits designed to bring the wonders of the universe right into your living space.

Key Features:

  1. Vivid Projections: With advanced LED technology and a high-resolution lens, this projector light creates stunning, true-to-life starry skies and galactic patterns that envelope your room in a surreal, immersive display.

  2. Multiple Color Options: Choose from a variety of vibrant color combinations and adjustable brightness settings to create the perfect ambiance for relaxation, meditation, or a romantic night in.color astronaut
  3. Smart Timer Function: Customize your starry experience with a user-friendly timer, allowing you to set the projector to automatically shut off after a specified duration (30/60/120 minutes) to ensure a restful night's sleep.
    smart sleep astrounaut proyector
  4. Easy Remote Control: Effortlessly navigate between projection modes, colors, and other settings using the included remote control, making it easy to customize your celestial display from anywhere in the room.

  5. Portable and Compact Design: With a sleek, lightweight design and a USB power source, the Astronaut Star Galaxy Projector Light is perfect for any room and can be easily transported for use on-the-go or during travel.

Experience the magic of the cosmos with the Astronaut Star Galaxy Projector Light, and create an enchanting, personalized atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for children and adults alike, this projector light is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or home theater setup. Bring the universe to you with this captivating and versatile projector light, and let the stars guide your journey through the night.

Product Details

- Control Mode: Remote control

- Nebula color: Multicolor (controllable monochrome)

- Shell material :ABS+PC+PVC

- Input power :As Long as the USB Interface, All Voltages Can Be Used.

-Output power :5V/1A

-Single gross weight :300g
-Height: 125 mm
-Width: 85 mm


1 x Astronaut Projection Lamp
1 x Power Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Remote Control*1(Does not contain 2 size 7 batteries-Optional)

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